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Cormatic® Designer Series Soap Dispenser for 1 Liter Soap
Easy-to-use, Cormatic soap dispenser delivers a durable, cost-effective system solution suitable for any washroom.

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This Cormatic soap dispenser is designed to hold one 1-liter bottle of Cormatic/Ultima soap to provide a cost-effective and convenient alternative to expensive, messy bar soaps and low-quality liquid/powder soaps. Its durable plastic construction delivers reliable performance in high-traffic areas, and its self-locking design protects against waste and pilferage, further reducing costs. *Only available via Lease Agreement with GP or authorized distributor.
Features & Benefits:
 »  Patented dispenser technology assures reliable soap dispensing every time
 »  Attractive smoke-tint design dispenser enhances any washroom
 »  Portion-control mechanism regulates the amount dispensed to reduce waste and control operating costs
Product details
Brand OwnerGeorgia-Pacific
MFG Part#DS8008B
UP - UPC036500303112
Each Per Ship Unit12 Each
Items Per Each0 Each
Case Total12 Each
Dispenser (WxDxH)4.460" x 3.600'' x 11.640"
Buy Multiple12 EA
Case Shipping Info
Case Gross Wgt21.100 LB
Case Net Wgt18.000 LB
Case Dimensions (LxWxH)23.625" x 13.750" x 11.500"
Case Volume2.162 CFT
Each Shipping Info
Each Gross Weight1.65 lbs
Each Net Wgt1.5 lbs
Each Dimensions11.250" x 5.375" x 4.500"
Each Volume0.158 CFT
Unit Shipping Info
Unit Qty24
Unit dimensions (LxWxH)47.125" x 41.063" x 46.000"
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  Refills  -  Products designed to fit and fill or refill select dispensers.

Mfg # S8401               
Georgia-Pacific Cormatic® Dark Blue 1 Liter Head and Body Wash
10 Bottles @ 1 liter , 10000 mL 

Gentle head and body shampoo tackles dirt, soil and grease with ease. Contains surfactants, skin emollients and hair conditioners.   more detail
Mfg # S8501               
Georgia-Pacific Cormatic® Pink 1 Liter Pearl Deluxe Liquid Lotion Hand Soap
10 Bottles @ 1 liter , 10000 mL 

An elegant pearlescent hand soap containing surfactants, stabilizers and skin conditioning agents. Ideal for general use.   more detail
Mfg # S8601               
Georgia-Pacific Cormatic® Yellow 1 Liter Frosti-Lemon General Purpose Liquid Soap
10 Bottles @ 1 liter , 10000 mL 

A fresh, lemon scented, general-purpose hand soap containing surfactants, stabilizers and skin conditioning agents.   more detail
Mfg # S8701               
Georgia-Pacific Cormatic® Medicinal Scent 1 Liter Food Processing Hand Wash
10 Bottles @ 1 liter , 10000 mL 

USDA E2 rated antimicrobial hand soap and sanitizer. Eliminates the need for a sanitizing dip following hand washing.   more detail
Mfg # S8901               
Georgia-Pacific Cormatic® Gold 1 Liter Antimicrobial Liquid Cleanser
10 Bottles @ 1 liter , 10000 mL 

Broad-spectrum antimicrobial hand soap. Contains skin emollients.   more detail
Mfg # S8956               
Georgia-Pacific Cormatic® Pearl White 1 Liter Antiseptic /Antimicrobial Pearl White Soap
10 Bottles @ 1 liter , 10000 mL 

Broad-spectrum antibacterial hand soap. Decreases bacteria on the skin and reduces risk of cross contamination. Contains surfactants, stabilizers and conditioning agents.   more detail
  Dispenser Accessories  -  Optional items to complement dispensers and provide additional benefits.

Mfg # GP4335S               
Georgia-Pacific Cormatic® *Select Design Designer Series Soap Dispenser Custom Insert
6 Each @ 1 Each , 6 Each , Dimensions  5.400" x 6.900" x 12.640"

Coordinate your washroom appearance to enhance your facilities image   more detail
  Dispenser Parts  -  Replacement parts for dispensers eliminating the need to replace the entire dispenser.

Mfg # PL102               
Georgia-Pacific Cormatic®  Piston assembly for 1 Liter Cormatic Soap dispenser- shaft w/spring wrapped around it and rubber gasket
1 Each , Dimensions   x x

   more detail
  Product Family  -  Coordinated dispensers provide an upscale look and enhance a facility's image.

Mfg # DS0250B               
Georgia-Pacific Cormatic® Black Designer Series Vertical 2-Roll Bathroom Tissue Dispenser
1 Each , Dispenser (WxDxH) 5.810" x 6.680" x 14.320"

Quality vertical double roll bath tissue dispenser for a cost-effective, coordinated washroom solution   more detail
Mfg # DS0350B               
Georgia-Pacific Cormatic® Black Designer Series Vertical 3-Roll Bathroom Tissue Dispenser
1 Each , Dispenser (WxDxH) 5.810" x 6.680" x 14.320"

DISCONTINUED SELL OUT. inventory to last approximately one year, but please contact GP to discuss any large new opportunities.   more detail
Mfg # DS0720B               
Georgia-Pacific Cormatic® Black Designer Series Air Freshener Dispenser (Keyless)
12 Each , Dispenser (WxDxH) 3.500" x 3.750" x 6.600"

Easy-to-maintain air freshener dispenser effectively eliminates unwanted odors for just pennies a day.   more detail
Mfg # DS8021B               
Georgia-Pacific Cormatic® Black Designer Series Soap Dispenser for Food Processing 1 Liter (Key Lock)
12 Each , Dispenser (WxDxH) 4.460" x 3.600" x 11.640"

DISCONTINUED   more detail
Mfg # HDS200B               
Georgia-Pacific Cormatic® Black Mechanical Designer Series Roll Towel Dispenser
1 Each , Dispenser (WxDxH) 13.800" x 9.200" x 13.600"

High capacity, key-locking towel dispensing system solution provides an attractive, hygienic, hands-free, portion-control solution.   more detail